Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Enter Fantasy: Winters End

Winter has ended across the lands. Leaving new blossoms of hope to cross across all the kingdoms and all the lands. Elfs and humans. Kings and queens. Beasts and nature all blooming into new life. The rivers flow again as petals start to form in vibrant form. The Aphrodite of a new life.
This round's theme is Winters End!

Every 3 months we will have a new theme!
This is our first round and we are so excited to be introducing Enter Fantasy! Enter fantasy is going to start out as a hunt but ends with a gacha forest
Each round will last a month!

This hunt will not have hints and decoys will be allowed.
Only 10 decoys maximum.

This round's entry deadline is April 26th
April 28th lineup and final boxes will be sent.
April 30th is last checks, if you do not have it set up by then we will add you to skip for up to 4 days, if you have not set up by then we will remove you.
May 1st is Hunt Start!
Gachas at the end location may be purchased on April 28th-April 30th.


Cost: 700L
Recieve 2 gacha slots (may use your own) at the end point of the hunt, near the rez point
Ability to have 2 end gifts 
Earliest placement in the hunt itself 
Your store’s name in the final hunt poster

Purchase a Gacha at the End location:
250L per Gacha
Gacha's must also stick to the theme of the hunt.

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